Never Going Out of Fashion

Great work, attention to detail, proper grammar and proof reading Simple enough list of items to carry in your creative arsenal, right?

So why are they so hard to come by these days? We all hear “I’m too busy” or “I’m a lousy speller” or that the speed of communications dictates tossing aside old, archaic standards.

We’ll have to call bullshit on that nonsense. Great work, high standards and actually caring about the integrity of your craft never go out of style, and never stop mattering. The mount we let those standards go lax, we see communications suffer dramatically.

Tough call perhaps in our celebrity culture, where 140 characters is deemed meaningful “on so many levels,” but we’re not letting go of the standards that shaped our early training, nor the words and deeds of the brilliant people we called mentors.

If you want to make certain your brand, marketing and communications live up to the highest possible standards, see our Directory of Services, or the archives in our Content Factory. Of simple contact us to see what we can do for your high standards today.

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